WHAT IS A MINDOLOGIST?   We are individuals who hold a graduate degree in clinical psychology from an APA accredited university and are personally certified by Dr. Troy in the Mindology Method of coaching. .

Mindology Fitness

Our Mindologists are casually dressed, clinical psychology graduate students who have been carefully chosen to work as interns in exchange for licensure hours needed. 
Mindology was born out of founder, Dr. Troy's love for humanity, spirituality and science.  Dr.Troy has been working in the mental health care industry for over 15 years. She holds a B.A. in clinical psychology, a Master's degree in Community, Eco and Liberation psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a doctorate in clinical psychology from California Southern University.  Dr. Troy is also certified in Industrial Organizational Psychology, HeartMath and Anger Management.    

Dr.Troy credits her tumultuous childhood for her love of humanity.  According to Dr. Troy, "I grew up in the foster care system - a world where strangers cared for me more than my own parents. That kind of caring made me want to care too. I wanted to grow up and be that stranger that cares for and loves others because to me, that kind of love is great love and I am all about "great" love."

Dr. Troy Byer