"Mindology centers in person and on-line are for the mind, what Supercuts was for hair and Massage Envy continues to be for bodies." Dr. Troy - Founder of Mindology Centers
Affordable & Accessible Haircuts

    Affordable & Accessible Massages

    Affordable & Accessible Mind Care

Science now proves, when it comes to mental health, we no longer have to regurgitate past memories and hurt in order to heal.Mindology Fitness centers offer a variety of services designed to liberate and empower
the mind in a fun and effective way. 

According to statistics, people neglect their mental health because of the following two problems: 

1) It's hard to find a good therapists

2)  Good therapists are not affordable.

Mindology Fitness centers easily solves both of these problems and then some. 

1) All our of therapists hold doctorate degrees in clinical psychology
and are hand picked and trained in the Mindology Methodology by our founder, Dr. Troy.

2) Our talk therapy sessions cost  $1 per minute.  We also accept most insurance

Unlike traditional talk therapy,  our clients are in control of the timer during their talk therapy session,
therefore, they determine when their session is over, not the therapist. 

In a pristine and welcoming environment our clients have to the opportunity to participate in many  neuroscience based, mind care classes, accompanied by frequency designed music. 

Globally, our brand consistency is as dependable as Starbucks and can be described as being
a "healthy-fast-food" place  for the mind.

Our Mental Fitness centers  offer adult classes that perfectly coincide with fun and effective
mind care classes for their children.