The global behavioral health market size is projected to surpass around US$ 242 billion by the end of 2027 from estimated USD 140.01 billion in 2019.

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Lifeologie is franchised and currently has 14 locations in the USA, most of which are in Texas.
Thriveworks currently has over 100 franchises throughout the United States.
LifeStance Health is a 7 billion dollar company, located in over 500 centers and is available in 32 states.

Lifeologie, Thriveworks and LifeStance health are all creating wonderful opportunities for those in need of accessible and affordable mental health care.  In common with Lifeologie we also take the spiritual approach with our customers. Much like Thriveworks and LifeStance Health, the majority of our practices are science-based. However, the Mindology Fitness approach is a whole person approach that goes beyond cognitive talk therapy. 

At Mindology Fitness centers, we successfully teach our customers how to tap into their unconscious mind while activating their heart's intelligence and using that awareness for conscious guidance and emotional stability on demand. We also offer many alternative forms of therapy that are purely science based and do not require conscious interaction in order for healing to occur.